So, wanna have Dionne and Matt automatically delivered directly into your ears as you’re on your way to get a bagel and some soup? Well now you can, with the Totally Wired Waffleicious Podcast!

Click here, and the magical computer pixies will transport you to the Totally Wired glade in the kingdom of iTunes.

Alternatively, you can log into iTunes, search the store for Totally Wired and and you’ll find us under the Podcast section. Simples! And there you are. Carry Matt and Dionne around wherever you may roam.

If you’d like more info on podcasts and how they work, the BBC spent lots of time and money writing this guide so we don’t have to. Gawd bless ya Auntie!

PS. If you need the podcast URL for any reason (other RSS or whatever) here it be: http://www.totallywired.co.uk/podcast.xml


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