Radio Show: September 19th, 2010: The Super Zoo. Featuring Eddie The Goat Boy, Dr Amazing and Brand New Records From School Of Seven Bells and Justice Force 5

Joker "What is this Dub-Step?!"

With special guest Eddie The Goat Boy, famous man about town and DJ for that BIG indie night “Hold Up!”, bounding to Matt’s side for a back flip into Super Funk, Mega Pop and words from the Goat on his Dub-Step discovery; “What is this Dub-Step?!”. Does anyone know?

There’s also an exclusive interview with one of Brighton’s only real super heroes; Dr Amazing shows face to spin the latest record from Justice Force 5 and tells Matt about his exploits and superpowers. There is literally no room in this show for more… Pucker.

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Track Listing:


Track (incl mix)

Label Details

Aeroplane She’s A Superstar (ft Chromeo) Eskimo
Lindstrom & Christabelle Lovesick
Holy Ghost! Static on the Wire (RAC Rmx) DFA
Squarepusher Cryptic Motion Ed Banger
Leonore O’Malley Firast be A Woman
Neil Young Heart Of Gold
Sex Bob-Omb Garbage Truck
Neon Indian Deadbeat Summer Static Tongue
Jamaica I Think I Like You Too V2
Free Energy Bang Pop (Fool’s Gold Remix) DFA
No Age Fever dreaming
Summer Camp Round The Moon
School of Seven Bells I L U
LCD Soundsystem Dance Yourself Clean DFA
Joker Do It Kapsize
Gorillaz Empire Ants Columbia
The Drums When I Come Home EMI
Still Flyin’ Stay Wild Tokelau
Jimmy Edgar Hot Raw Sex ft Theopholous London
Gonzales You Can Dance Gentle Threat
Sparks Tryouts For The Human Race
Justice Force Five Train Extra Mile
The Smiths Panic EMI
Aeroplane Caramellas Eskimo

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