Radio Show: August 1st, 2010: Last Days of Dionne Pt. 2, Featuring The Suzan, Keziah Jones, Summer Camp, Fever Ray, The Twelves, Yann Tierson, Just One Duran, Bosco Delrey and !!!

!!!Welcome welcome people of Internets. Presented here is another glimpse into the radiophonic recent past with a show from August, one of Dionne Elizabeth’s last for Totally Wired… This show became inadvertently littered with possibly offensive idiocy, from American production duo Just One Duran’s ditty Phone Sex to the assertion that The XX are made up of members of Malcolm X’s entourage. Gulp.

Ah well, on the up side, this was the first time we played the brilliant The Suzan, plus there’s a remix of Fever Ray, some Summer Camp, Keziah Jones, Whodini, The Bees, Holy Ghost, Cults and tons more… A top show this one.

Totally Wired Play Button

Keziah Jones Kapufacation Delabel
Summer Camp Veronica Sawyer Moshi Moshi
De Frank Profesuionals Afe Ato Yen Bio Soundwave
Yann Tiersen Comptine D’un Autre Été: L’après Midi Virgin
Bosco Delrey My My Racecar Mad Decent
The Suzan Home Rose Records
Just One Duran Phone Sex Unsigned
!!! The Most Certain Sure Warp
Wavves King Of The Beach Fat Possum
Whodini Magic’s Wand Jive
The Bees Silver Line Fiction
Rainbow Arabia Holiday in Congo Manimal
Tiga Luxury Turbo
Golden Bug Flamingo Gomma
Holy Ghost I Know I Hear DFA
Erykah Badu Fall In Love (Your Funeral) Universal Motown
Cults Oh My God Forest Family
Solar Bears Neon Colony Planet Mu
Glass Candy Rolling Down The Hills Italians Do It Better
Mirrors Broken By Silence Moshi Moshi
Ferver Ray Seven (The Twelves Remix) Rabid

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