Radio Show: June 27th, 2010 // Solo Effort, ft. Maximum Balloon, Tame Impala, La Shark, Mickey Moonlight, Steve Mason, :Kinema:, Videodrome, Holy Vessels and Breakbot

The Whispers on Totally Wired

Solo effort! Yes that’s right, Dionne the globetrotting prima donna is away, and this time Matt manfully (ahem) steps into the breach and presents the show on his tod! As with most boys left up to their own devices, things get a little seedy, but unlike many boys, it’s mostly disco innuendo. Innu-disco? Disco-endo? In your endo? It’s happening again…

So you’ve got Right In The Socket by Shalamar, plus more fresh sauce from Mickey Moonlight, Brighton’s very own Videodrome – big disco hopes there! – alongside :Kinema:, Maximum Balloon, Yeasayer, Arial Pink’s Haunted Grafitti, The Wave Pictures, Tame Impala and Metronomy. Phew. Boy-brains aren’t all bad – see? Click right there to hear the show!

Totally Wired Play Button

1. Maximum Balloon Tiger DGC / Interscope
2. Yeasayer O.N.E (:Kinema: Remix) Secretly Canadian
3. Tame Impala Solitude Is Bliss Modular
4. La Shark A Weapon So Darn So
5. Videodrome Temptation’s Daughter Pure Mint
6. Das Pop Underground PIAS
7. Aerial Pink’s Haunted Graffitti Bright Lit Blue Skies 4AD
8. 1,2,3 Confetti Not On Label (Self released)
9. The Whispers It’s A Love Thing Solar
10. Mickey Moonlight Love Pattern Ed Banger
11. LCD Soundsystem Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost remix) DFA / EMI
12. Steve Mason Boys Outside Domino
13. The Wave Pictures American Boom Moshi Moshi
14. Radiorama Vampires Ariola
15. Wolfmother White Feather (TieDye Remix) Modular / Island
16. Metronomy A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix) Ed Bange
17. Foals Spanish Sahara XL
18. Holy Vessels I Don’t Believe You Unsigned
19. Shalamar Right In The Socket Solar
20. Breakbot Baby I’m Yours (Aeroplane remix) Ed Banger

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