Radio Show: March 21st, 2010 // Caribou, Gorillaz, MGMT, Ty, David E Sugar, Breakbot, Tanlines and more factual inacuracies than… well… The Mail?


Bada boom – just like that another show is in the silken bag and ready for your ears. This week, Matt and Dionne kept the haphazard invented facts out, dealing only in cold truths (and if you believe that, I have some very valuable Enron shares you might also be interested in…)

Whatever your credulity level, you will certainly be appreciating is the intoxicating cocktail of new gemmishness and old diamonds; The beguiling counterpoint of 1982 hitmakers Slave, and a track from the new Gorillaz album, or perhaps madam would prefer The Very Best’s take on Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa?

As always, frrrrrresh nubile young things rub shoulders with well rounded maturity, interspersed with the unfocused ramblings of your deranged spirit-guides. A bit like this write-up basically.

Hope you enjoy out new player too! One big pizza pie of nourishment in place of the nouvelle cuisine of yesteryear. Bada bing!

Slave Feel My Love Atlantic
Grizzly Bear 2 Weeks Warp
Tanlines Z Memory Tapes Self Released
Kindness Swinging Party Moshi Moshi
Gorillaz Rhinestone Eyes Columbia
Gruff Rhys Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru Team Love
MGMT Flash Delirium Columbia
The Very Best Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa XL
David E Sugar Although You May Laugh Kitsiné
Ty Emotions BBE
Gorillaz White Flag Columbia
Signals What Dreams Moshi Moshi
Shy Child Dark Destiny Wall Of Sound
Kavinsky Pacific Coast Highway Ed Banger
Breakbot Make You Mine Ed Banger
Coco Rosie Lemonade Touch & Go
Parker and the Flowing Wow Will I Float Unsigned
Wave Pictures Sweetheart Moshi Moshi
Phenomenal Handclap Band Baby Tummy Touch
Neon Indian Paralysist Moshi Moshi
Caribou Odessa Domino
Broken Bells The Ghost Inside EMI
Krystal Klear Anteater Klipmode

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