Radio Show CATCH UP: January 17th 2010 // Flying Solo with These New Puritans, Sebastian Tellier, Erlend and the Carnival, La Shark, Yeasayer and Naive New Beaters

La Shark

This is the first of several catch-up posts right here on The radio show is marching ahead of the website, so we are going to have a post-a-thon to redress the balance in favour of you lot, who come and visit us at home. Dionne succumbed to some kind of Scandinavian lurgy and was away this week, so Anna (Moulson, once-a-month TW host and Melting Vinyl proprietor) and Matt stood in, each taking the helm for an hour respectively.

Anna was naturally looking forward to the long weekend of French-themed gigs and events entitled Vive La France, and in that spirit played the super Naive New Beaters, our old pal Sebastian Tellier, Brighton-based, part-Gallic punk funkers Transformer plus… well Phoenix OBVIOUSLY.

Matt on the other hand found not just a theme, but presenting a show in any kind of coherent manner beyond his meagre abilities, and only just managed to cobble an hour of music together. In the mix there you’ll find South London eccentrics La Shark, the wonderfully confrontational These New Puritans, plus Maryland’s disco greats the Beautiful Swimmers and a whole host of others.

Here’s what went out on air, and below, a list of what was played:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Transformer Cinema Car unsigned
Phoenix 1901 COOP
Naive New Beaters Live Good unsigned
Hot Club de Paris Dog Tired at the spring dance marathon Moshi Moshi
Fortune Bully March
Sebastien Tellier Kilometer Record maker
Passion Pit The reeling Columbia
We are enfant terrible Snap Dragon PIL Records
Erland and the Carnival Was you ever see Static Caravan
Quixote feat .Lisa Li Lund Before I start to dance Versatile
Bunny and the Bull Museum Ghost ships records
Coming soon Love in the afternoon Kitchen music
La Shark 1958 unsigned
These New Puritans We Want War Domino
Foreign Office Leaving the house Unsigned
Metronomy Do The Right Thing Because
Yeasayer One Mute
:Kinema: Circles Hot Pockets
New Young Pony Club Lost A Girl Modular
Broken Bells The High Road Columbia
Lyrebirds Closer Chess Club
Beautiful Swimmers Swimmers Groove Future Times

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