Radio Show: August 16th 2009 // Shake Your Rump to the Disco Funk

Sipho 'Hot Stix' Mabouse. Nothing to do with the post, but.... I mean.... wow.

After sunning himself on his jollies, Matt is back with Tanlines (ho ho ho!). Yes folks, terrible humour, shonky links but terrific music just keep on infecting the airwaves, and here is a little record of it, just for you.

In one of their all-too-frequent serendipitous synchronisations (actually in this case maybe that should be serendipitous synth-chronisations) Dionne and Matt deliver two eighties electro-funk killers in a row (in the form of Fresh Band and Feel). Elsewhere, there are looks forward to upcoming gigs in the form of MSTRKRFT (Ocean Rooms), Sister Sledge (Concorde) and Voluntary Butler Scheme (Freebutt), plus a bit of Nu Disco wafflisations from Lindstrom, Aeroplane and Holy Ghost!.

Listen here, look down there.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

MSTRKRFT Feat John Legend) Heartbreaker Turbo
Tom Brosseau Been True Fat Cat
Matt and Kim Cinders Nettwerk
Lindstrom The Magnificent Eskimo
Don Armando’s 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band Goin to a Showdown ZE Records
Golden Silvers True Romance XL
Fresh Band Come Back Lover Are n Be Records
Feel I’d Like to Sutra
Peter Bjorn and John Saying Something (Mukiya) Wichita
Hudson Mohawke Rising 5 Warp
Glasser Apply True Panther Sounds
Whitest Boy Alive Intentions Bubbles
Phoenix Fences EMI
The Big Pink Dominoes XL
Free Blood Royal Family DFA
Voluntary Butler Scheme Split Split
El Guincho Kalise (Tanlines Remix) XL
Sister Sledge Pretty Baby Atlantic
MGMT Of Moons, Birds and Monsters (Holy Ghost! Remix) Columbia
Lindstrom & Solace Baby, I Cant Stop (Aeroplane Remix) Eskimo
Power Sergio Jensen Sportag Midsport records

PS. Speaking of serendipitous synchronisations – check THIS out. Wooo!


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